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    An Inside Look at the Australian Dollar

    Australia was actually the first country to adopt polymer banknotes.

      Australia has been at the forefront of banknote technology since they introduced the first banknote in the world to be printed on a non-fibrous polymer substrate. However, their efforts to perfect banknote security is always evolving. “Since ...

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from September 1 - 8.

    ... Bank of England Museum Opens Banknote Gallery This captivating new museum gallery will take you through the history of the bank, since 1694 to the role it stands for today as the nation's central bank and more for free.  The @boemuseum opens n...

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    Reserve Bank of Australia Introduced New 5 Dollar

    The new Australian 5 dollar banknote began circulating on September 1.

    Photo: Reserve Bank of Australia   The Reserve Bank of Australia revealed their new $5 banknote earlier this year on April 12. It officially began circulating on September 1. So keep this in mind when you start seeing this new ban...

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    Reserve Bank of Australia Cuts Cash Rate to New Low

    The bank cut interest rates for the first time in a year, noting global economy's growth at a slower pace than expected.

    ...hile you're busy planning that next vacation to Australia, keep in mind the Reserve Bank of Australia announced a new $5 dollar banknote will begin circulating on September 1, 2016. For more updates on the Australian dollar and other foreign currencies, jo...

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    Reserve Bank of Australia Announces New 5 Dollar Banknote

    The Reserve Bank of Australia will soon begin circulating their next generation of banknotes.

    Photo: Reserve Bank of Australia   The Reserve Bank of Australia has announced a new 5 dollar banknote will soon start circulating on September 1, 2016. It will be the first denomination to be released for their next generation of banknotes...

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