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    Countries Attempt to End Dominance of U.S. Currency

    Regardless of attempts from China and Iran, the U.S. dollar remains powerful globally.

      Currently, the U.S. dollar is globally the primary reserve currency. This means many countries hold USD in reserves for the use of paying off international debt and eliminating exchange rate risk. However, recently, a small number of countrie...

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    2018 World Cup Commemorative Note Unveiled in Russia

    Several features make this banknote the first of its kind for Russia.

      In honor of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Russia has designed a commemorative 100-ruble banknote. A lot of additional work goes into planning a commemorative note in comparison to a common banknote in circulation. Many factors such as the mat...

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    Russia Enforces Stricter Currency Exchange Rules

    The Central Bank of Russia has implemented a new rule for foreign exchange.

      The Central Bank of Russia has now started stricter currency exchange rules for everyone in the country. Effective Sunday, December 27 the buy and sell of anything above the amount of 15,000 rubles, which is about $207 U.S. dollars as of Decem...

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    What Impact Does China Have On Other Currencies

    The Chinese Yuan devaluation is shocking. Check out which foreign currencies are being hit hardest.

      We all know the current emotion that is driving the market is extreme fear. And most of it is due to the domino effect of the Chinese Yuan devaluation. But what about all of the other foreign currencies? Let’s take a closer look at ...

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    Russia Stops Foreign Currency Purchases In Push For Relief

    Russia’s central bank halted purchases of foreign currency. Here's what you need to know.

    .boiler{ border: 1px solid #072B68; background-color: #EAF5FF; font-size:14px; padding: 8px; text-align: justify; } Photo by Sergey Norin   The interventions, compounded by a slump in oil prices, have sent the Russian currency tum...

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