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    Switzerland Becomes Two-Time Winner of IBNS Banknote of the Year Award

    After a close vote, the Swiss 10 franc was announced banknote of the year.

    ...es, almost a third were eligible to compete in the contest. This year resulted in the closest vote ever, with the Swiss 10 franc taking the lead. However, the Royal Bank of Scotland’s 10 pound note featuring a female scientist and Canada’s $10 note wi...

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    Swiss National Bank Announces New Currency to Enter Circulation

    The Swiss National Bank will release new CHF 200 banknotes on August 22.

    ...aterials makes the new banknotes more durable than traditional banknote paper. The first note in this new series was the 50-franc note. This note went into circulation last April and displays “15 security features to thwart counterfeiters, including sh...

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    Switzerland's New 10 Franc Currency Released October 18

    Introducing the third banknote in Switzerland's new series. Here's what you need to know.

      Switzerland’s new banknote series will reach its halfway mark on October 18 with its newest addition, the 10-franc bill. “More than 20 years have passed since the last banknote series was issued,” according to the Swiss National Bank. In orde...

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