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    Top 21 Countries Bringing International Travelers to the U.S.

    The National Travel and Tourism Office has released the top 21 countries bringing travelers into the U.S. as well as projections through 2022.

      The National Travel and Tourism Office has released its six-year forecast for international travel to the United States. Taking a look at recent travel trends, the forecast estimates almost all of the top ranked incoming travel countries will...

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    These Students Launched a New Scotland Pound into Space

    What would happen if you sent currency to space? Well here’s the answer.

      The Royal Bank of Scotland introduced its first new 10 pound polymer banknote on October 4. Now you’ll see Mary Somerville: A famous astronomer and mathematician on the front side of the new currency. On the back side, you’ll see a pair of otters ...

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from September 1 - 8.

      Twitter: Bank of England Museum Opens Banknote Gallery This captivating new museum gallery will take you through the history of the bank, since 1694 to the role it stands for today as the nation's central bank and more for free.  The @...

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    How Will Brexit Affect the British Pound

    A new prediction from George Soros on the pound has many on edge.

      The United Kingdom faces a tough decision on Thursday to decide if they should leave or stay in the European Union. In the meantime, one of the world’s most famous currency speculator, George Soros gives his opinion on the situation. ...

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    Bank of England Protects Pound Amidst Brexit Fears

    The bank said the pound could fall "perhaps sharply" if Britain left the EU.

      The United Kingdom is about to face a big decision on whether they should stay or leave the European Union on June 23, and the ambiguity that is building around the situation has proven to be a challenge for the Bank of England.  Mark Carney t...

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    London Looks To Become Center Of Chinese Currency Exchange

    China's president Xi Jinping makes first visit to U.K. and plans on building deeper economic ties.

      London already has 40 percent of global foreign exchange trading and wants to build on its dominant position by grabbing a major share of offshore renminbi trading. London's prowess in foreign-exchange trading has been a frequent theme in the ...

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