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7 Tips You Need to Know for International Travel

Anne June 23rd, 2022
7 Tips You Need to Know for International Travel


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International travel does require some extra preparation in comparison to other trips. While some of these may seem obvious, they can be forgotten among all the planning for your big trip.

We’ve listed the most important steps for you to securely travel and be prepared when planning a trip abroad. Not sure where to travel? Check out our blog on the top 10 most popular destinations in the world. You'll find the perfect vacation spot to fit your budget and your style.


1. Check to See if a Visa Is Required for Your Trip

The first thing to check when planning an international trip is whether a visa is required for travel to your destination country. Use CIBTvisas to see what the visa requirements are. Although some countries may not require a travel visa, there are specific travel requirements that may be required for entry. The entire visa application processing varies, so it is recommended you start early.


2. Check Your Passport Expiration

Applying for passport renewal can take up to eight weeks, so this is something you need to consider well in advance of your trip. If you find yourself scrambling at the last minute, you can expedite the process, just keep in mind doing this comes with additional government fees.



3. Check for Health Advisories and Travel Warnings

Check the State Department's website for the most updated travel warnings or travel alerts for your travel destination. In addition, check out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website for COVID-19 testing and vaccinations requirements. This is important because many travel insurance policies will not cover travel to countries that are under travel warnings.


4. Register your trip with STEP

Consider registering your trip with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) for free. In case of an emergency, you'll receive important information from the Embassy and the U.S. government will know what country you're in and where to contact you. If necessary, third parties including friends and family can contact the Department of State to locate you.


5. Exchange Your Currency Before You Leave

Many times, if you wait to exchange currency until you reach your destination, you will be faced with exorbitant exchange rates. Waiting to withdraw money at local ATMs in your destination country can also result in high fees.

Find out what currency you need and reserve online to save time on your branch pick up, or use CXI's OnlineFX home delivery to order foreign currency whenever, wherever.


6. Notify Your Bank Before You Leave

It is important to let your bank know when you will be traveling, so that any charges you make do not appear suspicious. With the high level of fraud detection today, banks and credit card companies closely monitor your spending and can end up freezing your account if they detect suspicious activity.

You don’t want to end up in a foreign country without access to any money, so this is definitely an important step to take before you leave.


7. Pick up an Outlet Adapter

Familiarize yourself with what the electrical outlets are like in your destination country. This can vary all over the world and bringing the right outlet adapter will help ensure that your electronics will work during your trip. Check out this power outlet guide to see which plug is needed for your travel destination.


As you can see, there is a lot of planning that goes into taking an international trip beyond picking your destination and accommodations. From passport planning to getting the right currency, there are some very important steps to take before you leave home.


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