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    Foreign Exchange: Qatari Riyal Currency in Crisis

    CXI is currently unable to buy or sell any Qatari riyal.

    ...tabilizing the region. As of Tuesday, June 6 the Qatar riyal currency has been under massive amounts of pressure, with many central banks in the region pulling away from any financial ties to Qatar. All of these speculations have caused the riyal to fa...

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    European Central Bank Ends 500 Euro Banknotes

    The bank has decided to withdraw further production of 500 euro notes.

    ...the 500 euro banknote at the end of 2018. It can still be used as a form of payment, and can still be exchanged at the national central banks of the Eurosystem.  For more updates on the euro and other foreign currencies, join our platinum passport...

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    Reserve Bank of Australia Cuts Cash Rate to New Low

    The bank cut interest rates for the first time in a year, noting global economy's growth at a slower pace than expected.

      The Reserve Bank of Australia has announced the board has officially decided to cut their cash rate by 25 basis points, which brings it down to a new low of 1.75 percent, effective May 4, 2016.  This is the first time the interest rates have c...

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    Bank Of England Set To Release New Banknote

    A new £5 pound banknote will be unveiled to begin circulation soon.

      The Bank of England’s Chief Cashier, Victoria Cleland announced they will be releasing a new five pound banknote on June 2. This change is being made as an effort to transition their banknotes from paper to polymer. The new five pou...

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    Currencies Change In Speculation Of Fed Meeting

    Waiting for the Fed: Here’s how central banks reacted before today's Fed meeting.

    ... policy makers wrestle with slower growth in China and weak commodity prices that have weighed on inflation. Sweden’s central bank stepped up quantitative easing to keep pace with euro zone stimulus, while a European Central Bank official repeate...

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    Fed Outlook: European Shares Freeze As U.S. Dollar Dips

    Currencies struggle as hopes of a Fed rate rise this year grows dimmer.

    ... start to the fourth quarter for world stocks, investors remain concerned about the threat of slowing global growth even though central banks have pumped billions of dollars into their economies. "This global economic slowdown would be less of an ...

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    Why The Euro Could Weaken Its Currency

    The European Central Bank is set to increase its currency weakening stimulus this week.

      Goldman Sachs says the euro may fall up to 10 U.S. cents, as the European Central Bank is set to increase currency weakening stimulus to meet its inflation target. The investment bank predicts the ECB will maintain significant easing at i...

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    Here Is What Higher Fed Rates Could Mean For You

    Final countdown: All eyes are on the Fed, is it time for rates to take a hike?

    ...u? Let’s take a closer look. The committee sets a target for the Federal Funds rate, a key interest rate between commercial banks which in turn influences borrowing costs throughout the economy. "Inflation is not a problem now, but zero rates are a...

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    Which Emerging Markets Are At Highest Risk Of A Banking Crisis

    These banks are indicating early warning signs for most vulnerable to banking strains.

      Credit growth in China, Brazil and Turkey doesn't only risk pushing a hangover in bad debt, it also signals a banking crisis is on the horizon, according to the Bank for International Settlements. "Early warning indicators of ban...

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    Why Are Central Banks Playing A Global Game Of Chess

    The financial struggle is more than real and strategic.

    ...ommentary, the two portfolio managers argue that diverging monetary policies and persistently low levels of inflation mean that central banks are now engaged in a global game of chess. Once a central bank makes an initial move to achieve a new equilibr...

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