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    Currency Exchange International Exhibiting at FIS Image Solutions User Group Meeting

    On Tuesday, October 8 - Thursday, October 10 we will be exhibiting at FIS Image Solutions User Group Meeting in Dallas, Texas. We invite you to come to learn more about our foreign exchange services. Our team, Ian Zarac, VP of Financial Institutions and Al...

      Currency Exchange International (CXI) is proud to announce on Tuesday, October 8 - Thursday, October 10 we will be exhibiting at the FIS Image Solutions User Group Meeting in Dallas, Texas. You are invited to learn more about our foreign exch...

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    CXI Introduces New Digital Remote Deposit For Canadian Checks

    A new check clearing solution for financial institutions and corporations is now here.

    ...tential delays, errors, and fees for an enhanced processing experience   Utilize established resources to take advantage of digital remote deposit technology   “More than 95% of all foreign checks CXI currently processes can be cleared through ...

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