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    7 Cheap Ways for Students to Travel Abroad

    Plan your perfect trip without making a dent in your wallet!

    ...ou may be eligible for a special group rate with CXI. 5. Plan ahead It is important to know the best times to book your flights, your hotels, and your transport. Depending on when you book these, you could make some big savings. Don't believe us? C...

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    Do's and Don'ts for Booking Your 2019 Spring Break Travel

    Keep your wallet in mind when you're planning your killer getaway!

    ...alue for your US dollar. For now, don't forget these do's and don'ts when booking your next getaway. DO plan ahead for your flights and currency The best time to book a flight in March or April is 21 to 30 days before your trip. Data from 2018...

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    Why Now is the Time to Book Your Summer Flights

    Summer prices for flights are increasing quickly, so find out the best times to book it.

    ...art can be getting to your destination. That’s why we’ve put together some tips on the best times to book your flights for those summer getaways. Best Dates to Fly We all know that June and July are the peak seasons for travel...

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    Why Flying Now is Safer Than Ever Before

    2017 proved to be a record year in airline safety around the world.

    ...ulting from a jet crash anywhere in the world, according to the Wall Street Journal. This statistic does not include cargo flights, military transports and accidents caused by intentional acts. Here's a look at the top 10 world's safest a...

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    6 Ways to Pass the Time in an Airport Without Spending a Single Dollar

    You can do all of these things for free while waiting for that next flight.

    ... free services such as yoga or museums. Find out what you can take advantage of the next time you have some downtime in between flights! 1. Take a Tour   A post shared by San Diego Int'l Airport (@sandiegoairport...

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    How to Travel Cheap From the US to Europe

    No more excuses why you can’t travel to Europe this year.

    ...ir   You might recall a while ago we shared some exciting news with you about the Norwegian Air CEO announcing $69 flights from US to Europe. Well we have some more good news for you, along with an update on which destinations you can visi...

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from August 5 - 11.

      Twitter: Brazil Waives Visa Requirement for 2016 Olympics The Rio 2016 Olympics are finally here, and excitement entices more people to travel to Brazil. This travel tip will make you want to pack your bags and visit one of the world's most ca...

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    NewLeaf Announces New Low Fare Flights For Canada

    Canadian travelers can now fly for as low as $89 one-way starting February 2016 and U.S. coming soon.

    ...sly known as New Leaf now operates under Flair Airlines. In 2016 New Leaf launched an offer for Canadian travelers to get cheap flights for as low as $89 one-way starting February 2016. In February 12, 2016, non-stop routes were offered from the follow...

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    11 Airlines With The Most Wonderful Onboard Amenities

    Everything from caviar on fine china to a free massage in economy class.

    ... Southwest airline implemented Live at 35 a couple of years ago and has since had bands perform surprise concerts on domestic flights. Air New Zealand’s Skycouch in New Zealand’s economy class, travelers have the option of booking a Skycouch. ...

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