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    CXI Certified: Top 5 Things to do in Boston, Massachusetts

    Taking a trip to Boston, Massachusetts? Check out our CXI Certified hotspots!

      Are you taking a trip to Boston, Massachusetts? We've got you covered with our CXI Certified hotspots. Boston is full of great food, beautiful sights, and fun adventures! You'll definitely have a good time during your stay with this i...

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    Damaged Currency? The U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing Can Exchange It for You

    If you have money that is broken or damaged, the Mutilated Currency Division has you covered!

      Do you have money that is broken, burned, or otherwise damaged? The Mutilated Currency Division at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) does a great job of examining your damaged currency and reimbursing you for it! Check out the video below...

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    What You Should Know Before Traveling With Your Pet

    You don’t have to leave your furry friend behind any longer!

      It can be difficult to say good-bye to your pet when you have a trip, so why leave them behind? You can bring your furry friend along to enjoy the time with you. Here are some great ways to ensure that your travels together are safe and fun! ...

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    Science Rules With This New British Currency

    The Bank of England is looking for a scientist to be the face of their new £50 note. Who would you nominate?

      The Bank of England is taking suggestions for the new face of their £50 banknote. "Think Science" is the motto for this search, as they are looking for a scientist to showcase. The search will go on until December 14, 2018, and the chosen figure w...

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    CXI Certified: Top 5 Things to do in Aventura, Florida

    Looking for things to do in Aventura? You’ll be happy to know there’s plenty to choose from.

      Wondering what to do during your stay in Aventura? You’ll be happy to know there’s plenty to choose from. From art walks to shopping at Aventura Mall, the third biggest mall in the US, Aventura is sure to have something for you! We set out to ...

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    A New Direction for Canada's $10 Banknote

    Canada's new $10 vertical banknote in circulation features Viola Desmond, a civil rights activist.

      The Bank of Canada issued a new $10 note which features a map of the historic North End of Halifax and the face of Viola Desmond, a civil rights activist. This banknote was announced back in 2016, and will be the first vertical banknote ...

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    How to Visit the World’s Most Upscale Destinations on a Budget

    These are some of the best travel tips to help you save money when planning a trip.

    ...into a frugal excursion. That’s why we’ve put together some of the best tricks and strategies to help you save money, all while visiting some of the world’s most upscale destinations.  Paris, France Paris is a dream...

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    7 Ways to Save Up for Your Next Vacation

    Check out these tips on every day ways to save some extra travel money.

    ... have a special account specifically for your travel fund. After you’ve created your account, set up automatic transfers to put money into the account weekly. 2. Credit Card Rewards   A post shared by Credit Card Rewards....

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    These Facts About US Dollar Bills Will Blow Your Mind

    Here are some bizarre facts about the US dollar you probably didn't know.

    ...losely at your dollar bills? There are many features present on dollar bills that most people don’t even notice when exchanging money. Here are some reasons behind those added designs as well as some other fun facts about the U.S. dollar. The $1 has re...

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    What To Do If You Receive Counterfeit Currency

    Here’s what to do if you find yourself face to face with a counterfeit note.

      While coming across counterfeit notes isn’t a common occurrence, it’s important to know what to do if you do receive one. Being able to identify counterfeit currency early on can help prevent you from ending up with ingenuine...

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    The Complexity of Currency Design Revealed

    It isn’t easy to make a banknote both aesthetic and functional at the same time.

      While digital currency is gaining popularity, paper money still prevails. When it comes to designing banknotes, it is important that utility and exclusivity are both evident. If you look at the banknotes you use daily, you can see how functio...

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    Top 10 Most Traded Currencies in the World

    The Japanese yen comes in 3rd among the world’s most traded currencies.

      Did you know $5.1 trillion worth of currency is exchanged each and every day? Well it's true according to Business Insider. While this number doesn’t tell us much, there’s more to learn about the currencies that make up this number. Check out...

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    5 Facts About International Currencies

    Whoever said money doesn't grow on trees didn't know these facts.

      Growing up many children have heard the common phrase “money doesn’t grow on trees.” Contrary to this statement, many banknotes are actually made of cotton. Did you know the U.S. dollar contains more than 70 percent cot...

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    How Does Multi-Currency Cash Passport Work

    Safer than your credit card with up to six currencies in one card.

    ...ilable*. Simultaneously and safely carry multiple currencies on one card. Lock in the exchange rate for your travel money. View transaction history and balance of your Multi-Currency Cash Passport online. ​ What are the fee...

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    How to Reserve Currency Online Before International Trips

    Say yes to reserve your currency online with this step-by-step guide.

      Tired of always having to run around trying to make sure you have the currency you need before that next trip? Then feeling empty handed when you had to get it exchanged last minute abroad? Don’t let this happen to you and take cont...

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    Indian Rupees Are Now Back at All CXI Locations

    The Indian rupees are finally back and here’s what you need to know.

    ...nbsp; The decision of the prime minister was made to effectively help stop counterfeit currency and corruption. "Black money and corruption are the biggest obstacles in eradicating poverty," Modi said in his address to the nation. This ma...

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    CXI Announces Exclusive Student Travel Promotion

    Don’t miss your chance to save big.

    ...lan to stay at your dreamy destination. Here’s a quick glance at just some of those situations:   1. Tuition money 2. Living expenses 3. Family visits 4. Class/Club trip 5. Spring break 6. Band/Chorus tour   ...

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    UPDATE: Prime Minister Removes Indian Rupees

    The elimination of 500 and 1,000 rupee banknotes causes commotion.

    ...ion starting at midnight. This decision was made to effectively help stop counterfeit currency and corruption. "Black money and corruption are the biggest obstacles in eradicating poverty," Modi said in his address to the nation after a cabi...

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    What does it Cost to Create Currency in The US

    Here is the cost breakdown for each US dollar bill.

    ... Have you ever stopped to think about where exactly does all the circulating currency in the United States come from? The money supply is controlled by the Federal Reserve System, but did you know the Treasury’s Bureau of engraving and printing...

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    9 Insane but True Facts about Currency

    Surprising terms used for currency that you've never heard of before.

      Did you know slang has been used to describe money for centuries? Giving us a wide range of expressions to use in reference to currency. There's many slang expressions you've probably never heard of before. Here's a full list ...

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    How to Register Multi Currency Cash Passport

    Step by step online guide to set up your new card.

      Did you recently get a Multi-Currency Cash Passport, but you don’t know how to register your new card? In order to successfully register your new Multi-Currency Cash Passport, just follow these simple steps:   Step 1: Go to Multi-Curre...

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    Stunning Portraits Made With Currency

    This is what happens when you mix art and money.

      There is a fresh new artist on our radar, his name is Mark Wagner. He takes stacks of one dollar bills that many don’t see as valuable and brings them to life through his artwork.  Last month he opened "I’m Mark Wagner and I Approve of This Me...

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    Indonesia Announces New Rupiah Currency

    The banknotes will feature new designs with seven national heroes.

    ... In order to facilitate the identification of authentic Indonesian Rupiahs by the community and make it harder to counterfeit money, they will also aim to strengthen the safety and security. Bank Indonesia is set to prepare the new designs soon, and ...

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from July 22 - 28.

      Twitter: 10 Gestures That Are Offensive in Other Countries Traveling can be full of unexpected surprises, especially when you’re using body language to communicate. Learn how to avoid certain hand gestures that might offend someone in another ...

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from July 15 - 21.

      Twitter: Why our customers love Currency Exchange International Traveling soon or just got back from your vacation, and need to exchange your currency? Then leave all your worries behind and exchange your currency with confidence.  Why...

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    How To Get The Best Currency Exchange Rate

    You'll never have to worry about getting the best currency exchange rate again.

      Are you getting the best currency exchange rate?  Our Currency Exchange International best rate guarantee means CXI's company-owned (not affiliate-owned) currency exchange locations will match or beat the exchange rate given...

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    Reserve Bank of Australia Cuts Cash Rate to New Low

    The bank cut interest rates for the first time in a year, noting global economy's growth at a slower pace than expected.

      The Reserve Bank of Australia has announced the board has officially decided to cut their cash rate by 25 basis points, which brings it down to a new low of 1.75 percent, effective May 4, 2016.  This is the first time the interest rates have c...

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from March 24 - 31.

        Twitter: CXI Unveils Exclusive Promotion for COPA America 2016  The Copa America Centenario announced that all tickets went on sale March 22. This is the first time in 100 years where the games will be hosted in the United States from Ju...

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    Money Magazine Announces Best in Travel Destinations

    The first best in travel awards have been announced and the winners are focused on value.

      A vacation should always feel like a well-deserved bonus we all look forward to. It should never feel like a nightmare because of the cost involved in order to make it the trip you will remember forever. Well look no further because Money Maga...

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from March 4 - 10.

    Photo: Cape Point, South Africa   Twitter: Google Unveils New Way To Plan Your Vacation On The Go  Google has introduced a new search feature called Destinations, which can be used for some destination inspiration. And what better time to st...

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from February 25 - March 3.

    Photo: Flickr/Nicki Mannix | Sydney, Australia    Twitter: Reserve Bank of Australia Announces New 5 Dollar Banknote The Reserve Bank of Australia has announced a new 5 dollar banknote will soon start circulating on September 1, 2016. It wil...

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    Weekly Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from February 12 - 18.

    ...nd this decision is due to public opinion claiming that these higher denomination bills are being used to support terrorism and money laundering.   (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; ...

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    7 New Currencies Now Available At CXI

    Currency Exchange International has released some new foreign currencies you can now exchange.

      We care so much about our customers, not only did we listen to your currency requests we went a step further and decided to roll out some brand new currencies for you to exchange.  And now there’s over 90 currencies we can prov...

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    CXI Celebrates Chinese New Year At Citadel Outlets

    Join us at Citadel Outlets to pick up your Chinese yuan gift before February 8!

      The Citadel Outlets has announced it will be celebrating the year of the monkey with their annual Chinese New Year event which will take place this Saturday, February 6 from 12 pm - 3 pm. CXI has decided to partner with Citadel Outlets by incl...

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    FX Forecast: Gloomy Outlook For The Canadian Dollar

    The Canadian dollar sinks below the 70 cent U.S. level for the first time since 2003.

    Photo: morbokat   The Canadian dollar also known as the loonie, went down to 69 cents reaching its lowest point on Tuesday, January 12 for the first time since 2003. It is projected that the Canadian dollar will continue to depreci...

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    Weekly Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from January 1 - 7.

    Photo: Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   Facebook: Brazil Waives Visa Requirement For 2016 Olympics As the days get closer to the official kick off for the 2016 Rio Olympics, the excitement builds up with wonderful news for tourists plann...

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    China's Currency Dives As Stock Market Crashes

    Asian markets begin 2016's first trading day with a gloomy start.

      The Chinese stock market crashed again on Monday, causing the stock market to freeze trading for a day.   Chinese markets halt trading for day after shares plunge https://t.co/wiMhkiqR8q pic.twitter.com/ZBqH6Ocbfw — CNBC Internationa...

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    Russia Enforces Stricter Currency Exchange Rules

    The Central Bank of Russia has implemented a new rule for foreign exchange.

    ... “The new law doesn’t limit foreign exchange. According to Gazprombank spokesman Yuliya Elsukova, it is aimed only at combating money laundering and terrorist financing.” Also keep in mind that if you must give them your documents they will be kept on ...

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    South African Rand On The Rebound

    President Jacob Zuma reappoints Pravin Gordhan following the worst market turmoil.

    Photo: Oritaku   For those of you that are awestruck about the sudden change in valuation of the South African rand, there’s definitely a reason behind it. As the currency chart reflects, the rand had a sharp decline followed...

    Tags: south africa,rand,currencies,money,currency exchange,foreign currency,economy,forex markets

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    Chinese Yuan Approved By IMF As Exclusive World Currency

    The International Monetary Fund's decision marks an important milestone in China’s global financial integration.

      The Chinese yuan was approved as one of the world’s exclusive currencies on Monday, a milestone decision by the International Monetary Fund that highlights the country’s rising financial and economic weight. For the first time in over 15 years...

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    New 20 Euro Banknote Starts Circulating

    The new €20, third in the Europa series has a new look with more dynamic colors.

      The new €20 banknote began circulation on Wednesday, November 25, 2015. It’s more resistant to counterfeiting and the Euro system has provided materials to help the transformation of banknote equipment to the new €20. It has a refreshed new lo...

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    Argentina’s New President Promises To Change Currency Controls

    A wonderful new stage begins for Argentina, setting the stage for economic liberalization.

      Argentina voted for deep change on Sunday, electing Mauricio Macri to be president, setting the stage for economic liberalization, a warming of relations with the U.S. and political echoes across Latin America. Macri won 51.4 percent of t...

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    Chinese Yuan Set To Join IMF Currency Basket

    IMF staff determines the yuan meets the requirements to be a freely usable currency.

      On Friday, the International Monetary Fund announced policymakers are expected to decide this month whether to add China's yuan to the fund's benchmark currency basket for inclusion in the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket. This would mark a...

    Tags: china,currencies,yuan,rmb,economy,global imf,imf,sdr,special drawing rights,foreign currency,foreign exchange,currency exchange,money

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    U.S. Dollar Gains Strength To Reach Euro By Year End

    For the first time since 2002, the dollar could soon be worth as much as the euro.

      The dollar is inching closer and closer to being worth the same as one euro. So is it time to book that long overdue trip to France, Italy or Spain? And will the U.S. dollar really reach parity with the euro anytime soon? A strong dollar i...

    Tags: dollar,euro,us dollar,money,currency,economy,foreign currency,foreign exchange,currency exchange,federal reserve bank,european central bank,rates

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    Turkish Lira Soars After AK Party Win

    Markets react positively on Monday setting a clear victory for the Turkish lira.

      Turkey's lira surged with stocks and bonds after the political party President Recep Tayyip Erdogan co-founded swept back into office in the second parliamentary vote this year, ending months of political deadlock. The lira jumped 3.5 percent to ...

    Tags: turkey,lira,turkish lira,currency,foreign currency,money,foreign money,markets,economy

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    Ultimate Guide: How To Tip When Traveling Around The World

    Never worry again about how much you should tip in different countries.

    ...epers, doormen and bellman, but be aware that they often pool their tips," she said. If you're planning to get some of your money changed over into the currency of the country where you'll be traveling, consider having a little extra converted if you e...

    Tags: travel money,travel tips,tipping,currency,currency exchange,travel,leisure,business,ultimate guide,foreign currency,travel etiquette

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    London Looks To Become Center Of Chinese Currency Exchange

    China's president Xi Jinping makes first visit to U.K. and plans on building deeper economic ties.

      London already has 40 percent of global foreign exchange trading and wants to build on its dominant position by grabbing a major share of offshore renminbi trading. London's prowess in foreign-exchange trading has been a frequent theme in the ...

    Tags: foreign currency,currency exchange,currency,money,economy,china,united kingdom,london

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    Australian Currency Reveals New Makeover

    Illustrator Aaron Tyler gives Australian dollars a new face lift and they’re awesome.

      We all know money makes the world go round because we chase it, spend it and save it. It's the foundation and fabric that holds society and civilization together. If someone's face is stamped on that currency, it's a pretty bi...

    Tags: australia,currency,currency exchange,foreign currency,money,australian dollar

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    Costa Rica Currency Rises Above Others In Region

    Latin American currencies are decreasing in value this year, but the Costa Rica colon is thriving.

      Costa Rica's currency, the colon, is up 1% against the dollar this year. That's no reason for a beach party, but it's a sign of an economy that's proven quite resilient. The very fact that Costa Rica's currency ha...

    Tags: foreign currency,currency,currency exchange,central america,south america,costa rica,economy,money,tourism,travel,colon

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    Fed Outlook: European Shares Freeze As U.S. Dollar Dips

    Currencies struggle as hopes of a Fed rate rise this year grows dimmer.

      European shares froze on Monday, after their strong start to the fourth quarter while the dollar dipped towards three week lows, with investors skeptical the U.S. Federal Reserve would raise interest rates this year. Chinese stocks jumped over...

    Tags: money monday,currencies,currency,currency exchange,foreign currency,economy,markets,euro,yen,dollar,federal reserve,central banks,european central bank,ecb

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    Weekly Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from October 1 - 7.

      Facebook: Jennifer Aniston’s Worst Nightmare Just Came True Emirates Airlines, known for its top notch service and bonkers first-class amenities, has tapped Jennifer Aniston for its new TV ad. So what is the premise? Just press play below...

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    Top 10 Most Expensive Countries For Travelers

    Find out which countries are most likely to drain your holiday budget.

      The travel and tourism industry is a crucial generator of desired and very much needed revenue to support economic growth. Attracting large numbers of tourists is a key factor for economies all around the world. While price is only one of...

    Tags: foreign currency,currencies,currency exchange,money,travel,tourism,economy

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    China’s Currency Creeps Closer Towards Growth

    The Chinese yuan is indicating signals of reaching global reserve status.

      The International Monetary Fund is creeping closer to including China's yuan in an elite basket of reserve currencies, with the US and other major shareholders likely to back the move unless IMF staff make a surprise recommendation against i...

    Tags: currency,currency exchange,money,economy,china,yuan,international monetary fund,asia,foreign exchange,foreign currency

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    Weekly Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from September 17 - September 23.

      Facebook: New Incredible Fact Tourists Should Know About Visas Thailand's Ministry for Foreign Affairs has confirmed that it will be launching a new six month multiple entry tourist visa in November. In a notice posted to the Thai MFA's F...

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    7 Currencies That Can Make You Feel Like A Millionaire

    These countries with crazy currencies will make you feel like Richard Branson.

      1. Vietnam Dong - VND Currency exchange rate: 11 U.S. dollars gives you 190,000 Vietnamese dong Everybody speaks about the dong in Southeast Asia, even though every note has a lot of quite useless zeros you would think. Go to the country w...

    Tags: currency,currency exchange,money,economy,travel,leisure

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    Why The Euro Could Weaken Its Currency

    The European Central Bank is set to increase its currency weakening stimulus this week.

      Goldman Sachs says the euro may fall up to 10 U.S. cents, as the European Central Bank is set to increase currency weakening stimulus to meet its inflation target. The investment bank predicts the ECB will maintain significant easing at its curre...

    Tags: currency,currency exchange,european central bank,euro,banking,economy,money,central banks

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    Top 10 Best Family Travel Essentials

    These are the top ten must-have travel essentials according to USA TODAY and 10 Best.

      As chosen by readers of USA TODAY and 10 Best, these are the award winners of the top ten best family travel essentials for 2015.    10. Pognae Hipseat   อาหมวยสมายนั่งชิลล์อ่ะ กลายเป็นลูก...

    Tags: travel,leisure,family,essentials,top 10,cash passport,mastercard,currency,money,atms

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    Weekly Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from August 20 - August 26.

      Facebook: 10 Incredible Travel Destinations That Will Give You Serious Wanderlust Attention travelers! We have put together an infograph and listed the top ten landmarks that make the ultimate travel list from Lonely Planet. For your trave...

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    What Impact Does China Have On Other Currencies

    The Chinese Yuan devaluation is shocking. Check out which foreign currencies are being hit hardest.

      We all know the current emotion that is driving the market is extreme fear. And most of it is due to the domino effect of the Chinese Yuan devaluation. But what about all of the other foreign currencies? Let’s take a closer look at ...

    Tags: currency,currency exchange,money,economy,finance,china,yuan,russia,ruble,south africa,rand,canada,dollar,turkey,lira,norway,kroner,australia

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    The Best Time To Book Your Holiday Travel

    No, it’s never too early to be thinking about Christmas. Check out the best time to buy your airline ticket.

      The good news, if imagining snow and ice right now is way too much, you've still got some time if your holiday plans are still in the air. For winter holiday travel, whether that's Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or none of the above, prices star...

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    5 Things You Need To Know About Black Monday

    Buckle up and get ready for the biggest market mayhem on Monday.

    ...e red. 5. Friday market recap: The stock market took a dramatic plunge Friday. This article originally appeared on money.cnn.com .video-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; padding-top: 30px; height: 0; ove...

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    10 Incredible Travel Destinations That Will Give You Serious Wanderlust

    These destinations will blow you away (INFOGRAPHIC) according to Lonely planet.

      Attention travelers! We have put together an infograph and listed the top ten landmarks that make the ultimate travel list according to Lonely Planet.  For your travel convenience we also listed the best times of the year to pac...

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    Germany Approves Third Bailout For Greece

    German lawmakers overwhelmingly vote yes to 86 billion euros for Greek bailout.

      German lawmakers cleared the way for Greece's third bailout, voting for the financial lifeline of as much as 86 billion euros by a wide margin. Resistance grew in Chancellor Angela Merkel's caucus, where 63 lawmakers opposed the a...

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    13 Best Countries around the World Where Your US Dollar Will Go Far

    Your eyes won't believe all of these dreamy destinations.

      1. Indonesia Eat, Pray, Love is just the tip of the iceberg: There is so much more to this beautiful country, including the fact that it is majorly budget-friendly. In Indonesia every $1 U.S. dollar is around the equivalent of 13,000 rupias (...

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    Weekly Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from July 30 - August 5.

      Facebook: Where to travel with the falling Canadian dollar Where should Canadian travelers concerned about the declining dollar go? Trips to their favorite destination, the U.S., will cost about 10 per cent more than at the beginning of th...

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    Puerto Rico Enters An Economic Death Spiral

    For the first time in history Puerto Rico is in default and has been dubbed "America's Greece."

    ...and the way of living in Puerto Rico, it's so bad that you start going crazy." This article originally appeared on money.cnn.com   Over to you How do you think this will effect the U.S. economy? Do you belive this situation is...

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    10 Best Ways To Enjoy Barcelona On A Budget

    Tired of not having enough money to have fun on your vacation? Here's how to make it happen in Barcelona.

      Barcelona street life is irresistible, but sometimes you want to rise above the crowds.   A photo posted by Chris & Danika (@nodestinations) on   Jul 26, 2015 at 2:09pm PDT ...

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    Why The World Would End Without Currency

    If you take a closer look at the evidence, cash has value beyond borders of the country.

    Photo by peasap   In the case of American money, cash has value beyond the borders of the country. People store up cash for emergencies, to keep a safety net, and to ensure that whatever happens, their chunk of cash will be there for them....

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    Russia Stops Foreign Currency Purchases In Push For Relief

    Russia’s central bank halted purchases of foreign currency. Here's what you need to know.

    .boiler{ border: 1px solid #072B68; background-color: #EAF5FF; font-size:14px; padding: 8px; text-align: justify; } Photo by Sergey Norin   The interventions, compounded by a slump in oil prices, have sent the Russian currency tum...

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    How Safe Is Your Money When Traveling Abroad

    Do you stop to think about your money before traveling abroad? Here's what you must know.

    ...l location. There's no reason for you to be strolling about in unfamiliar territory with all your credit cards and all your money in your wallet. A solution to this problem is to only carry one card, such as the multi-currency Cash Passport prepaid tra...

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    How to Travel Smart on a Budget

    Learn how to avoid the financial downfall many face when traveling.

      Is it really that easy to travel for under $50 a day? Some will agree while others would completely disagree. Walking tours are some of the best and most impressive ways to see a city, and did you know most cities have someone offering o...

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    6 Best Places To Travel In July

    Looking to travel somewhere in July, but don't know where? Here are some hot spots.

      Want to go somewhere for the Fourth of July? Well regardless of whether you're looking to expand your language skills or simply experience a change of scenery, Expedia has rounded up an eclectic selection of the best places to travel in J...

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    Weekly Wanderlust

    Top posts shared with our fans on social media, so you never miss a thing.

    ...climbing tours.   This Chart Shows When to Visit US Cities for Lower Hotel Rates Did you know you can save a ton of money on a trip by visiting your destination in an off-peak season? This chart from Hipmunk is a cheat sheet for seasonal ho...

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    29 Hacks To Save You Money When You Travel To Europe

    Look no more here are 29 of the best travel hacks to save money when you travel to Europe.

      After travelling to 21 of the 28 countries within the EU, plus also visiting Russia, Ukraine and Turkey, Brooke Saward says she "can finally say I think I've got it down when it comes to booking travel throughout Europe." If...

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