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    Currency Exchange International Exhibiting at FIS Image Solutions User Group Meeting

    On Tuesday, October 8 - Thursday, October 10 we will be exhibiting at FIS Image Solutions User Group Meeting in Dallas, Texas. We invite you to come to learn more about our foreign exchange services. Our team, Ian Zarac, VP of Financial Institutions and Al...

    ...ch & Vendor Fair Finale 5:00 p.m.       Conference concludes       About FIS  FIS is a global leader in technology, solutions and services for merchants, banks and capital markets businesses. We drive growth for clients by creating tomorrow’s t...

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    CXI Introduces FX Now International Payments Platform

    Say hello to an exclusive all-in-one foreign exchange (FX) and international payment platform solution. - Improve your FX and international payment management - Know more with on-demand access to your FX balances (multi-currency balances) and inter...

    ...an now leave their FX challenges behind and say hello to CXI FX Now. It’s our all-in-one easy and powerful FX payments platform solution for you to better manage and reduce your FX risk. All of the features mentioned above are designed to enhance and ...

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    How long will international wire transfers take to clear

    Learn how international wire transfers can be delayed, along with best practices to help ensure your funds are sent quickly.

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    The Top 6 Needs For Corporations To Unleash the True Potential of Their International Payments

    Unlock your business revenue with solutions that meet your business needs.

    ...meet all of your other business needs as shown in the graph. Currency Exchange International’s international payments solutions are built to help you unleash the true potential of your international payments. Get free access to The Ultimate Guide...

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    How to Lower Exchange Rate Fees on International Payments

    A new low cost alternative that is beneficial for corporations.

      Is your company looking for a fair and transparent way to make international payments? Or is your department currently in the process of trying to find alternative ways to cut costs on those pesky wire or draft fees?  At the end of t...

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    7 Ways Corporations Can Benefit from Using CEIFX Software

    If foreign exchange is a core part of your business strategy then this is the solution.

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    9 Terms Corporations Should Know About International Payments

    Everything from Global EFT to ISO Codes explained.

      1. Spot (SWIFT Wire) The fastest method of making secure payments around the world. Using the SWIFT payment network, international wire transfers are quoted at the spot rate or the value of the currency at the current moment.   ...

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    How to Choose the Best International Payment Method

    These are the options and differences between each type of payment explained.

      With so many options on your mind to consider, CXI is here to help your business with turn-key solutions to unleash the true potential of your international payments.  Today's complex business environment demands having Currency Exchange Inter...

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    CXI at BAFT: Putt for Dough Challenge

    You drove for show, now putt for dough.

    ...ernational is proud to announce we will be attending the 2017 BAFT Global Annual Meeting as an international payments solution provider member at the Turnberry Isle Miami in Aventura, Florida from Sunday, April 30 - Wednesday, May ...

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    EPC Reveals Instant Credit Transfer Scheme for International Payments

    The European Payments Council announces a major milestone.

    ...ent services providers have one year to get ready for the new process, which will commence in November 2017. Our Global EFT solutions offers many benefits and it's built with simplicity in mind for universities, colleges, corporations, th...

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