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    South African Rand Falls To New Record Low

    The South African rand collapsed by the most in more than seven years on Monday.

    Photo: Oritaku   The South African rand reached a new record level low of 16.50 as of Monday, January 11 at 8:30 UTC, diving downward to a 9 percent low that the economy has not seen since 2008.   South Africa moves closer to a reces...

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    South African Rand On The Rebound

    President Jacob Zuma reappoints Pravin Gordhan following the worst market turmoil.

    Photo: Oritaku   For those of you that are awestruck about the sudden change in valuation of the South African rand, there’s definitely a reason behind it. As the currency chart reflects, the rand had a sharp decline followed...

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    What Impact Does China Have On Other Currencies

    The Chinese Yuan devaluation is shocking. Check out which foreign currencies are being hit hardest.

      We all know the current emotion that is driving the market is extreme fear. And most of it is due to the domino effect of the Chinese Yuan devaluation. But what about all of the other foreign currencies? Let’s take a closer look at ...

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