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    9 Amazing Attractions Around The World Opening In 2016

    These are the ultimate must-see attractions to add to your bucket list to visit this year.

    ... Resorts in United Arab Emirates opening October  We're doing something that hasn't been done before. We are bringing 3 theme parks & 1 Water Park #October2016 #Dubai https://t.co/iNt3lT6MYp — DXB Parks & Resorts (@dxbparksresorts) January 20, 20...

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    Exactly How High Can Roller Coasters Go

    Altitude is taking the crown rather than speed. Check out the four tallest giga coasters put to test.

    ... to you When was the last time you went on a roller coaster? What is the tallest giga coaster you've ever experienced? What theme park do you think has the best roller coasters in the world? Share your opinion and thoughts in the comments below. .bo...

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