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    How to Have an Eco-Friendly Vacation

    If you’re looking to travel the world in a more eco-friendly way, we’ve got you covered!

    ...he world. Going green on a trip only takes a little extra effort and can make you feel better about your travels. Check out our tips for a trip that Mother Nature will thank you for! What to Pack Source: suksao Packing glass containers ins...

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    5 Foods You Must Try in Israel and Where to Find Them

    These are our favorite spots to eat in Israel.

    ...quo;re travelling to Israel soon, make sure to stop at as many of these restaurants as possible.   Get more travel tips and news > Subscribe now to platinum passport >   .boiler { border: 1px solid #072B68; background-c...

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    Culinary Travel is the Travel Trend You Need to Try

    There is no better way to learn about a country’s culture than through their food.

    ...o partake in. Any one of these excursions are easy to discover no matter where your travels take you.   Get more travel tips and news >   .boiler { border: 1px solid #072B68; background-color: #EAF5FF; font-size:14px; padding: 8px; text...

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    Japan's New Robot Could Become Your New Travel Companion

    A new smartphone robot can serve as your tour guide around Japan.

    .... It could even end up assisting you on travel around the world outside of Japan in the coming years.   Get more travel tips and news >   .boiler { border: 1px solid #072B68; background-color: #EAF5FF; font-size:14px; padding: 8px; text...

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    How to Vacation for (Nearly) Free

    Use these simple yet effective tricks to travel without spending a dime.

    ...rectly with locals in a foreign country. So, before you think that dream vacation is so far out of reach, try some of these tips to help you plan a trip for nearly free. Your friends will be jealous when they see all the places you’ve explored without ...

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    Chile Named Best Country to Visit in 2018

    This past year Chile has received numerous awards as a travel destination.

    ...ther you’re planning a family trip or travelling solo, there is so much adventure Chile has to offer.   Get more travel tips and news >   .boiler { border: 1px solid #072B68; background-color: #EAF5FF; font-size:14px; padding: 8px; text...

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    7 Ways to Save Up for Your Next Vacation

    Check out these tips on every day ways to save some extra travel money.

    ...ng you plan your next trip. Figuring out your overall travel budget can greatly help you start creating savings goals and these tips can help you get there!   Get more travel tips and news >   .boiler { border: 1px solid #072B68; backgroun...

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    How to Beat the Heat During Your Summer Travel

    Here are some of the best ways to stay cool no matter where you are traveling to this summer.

    ...enty of water, especially if you’re traveling somewhere that has a drier climate than you’re used to!   Get more travel tips and news >   .boiler { border: 1px solid #072B68; background-color: #EAF5FF; font-size:14px; padding: 8px; text...

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    7 Tips You Need to Know for International Travel

    Everything you need to know to prepare for an international trip.

    ... data plan to your phone during your trip, you will need to rely on planning to make up for the lack of resources at your fingertips. When you are somewhere with Wi-Fi, such as your hotel, map out some places you plan to go and take screenshots. This w...

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    Currency Exchange International Opens New Branch at The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk In New Orleans Louisiana

    Introducing CXI's new branch and the top five things to do in in New Orleans, Louisiana.

    ...t shared by Preservation Hall (@preservationhall) on Jun 8, 2018 at 10:26am PDT     Get more travel tips and news > Find more CXI locations >   .boiler { border: 1px solid #072B68; background-color: #EAF5FF; font-s...

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    7 Secrets to Saving Money While Traveling

    From accommodations to dining options, here is how to save money on your next adventure.

    ...el deals, to saving money on transportation, you can still plan a big trip without breaking the bank.   Get more travel tips and news >   .boiler { border: 1px solid #072B68; background-color: #EAF5FF; font-size:14px; padding: 8px; text...

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    The Norway “All You Can Fly” Pass Returns

    You can explore over 40 destinations in Norway with Widerøe’s “All you can fly” pass.

    ...at option. You still have plenty of time to plan as this promotion runs from July 1st to August 31st.   Get more travel tips and news >   .boiler { border: 1px solid #072B68; background-color: #EAF5FF; font-size:14px; padding: 8px; text...

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    Treat Your Dad with Travel This Father's Day

    Ditch the tools this year and give your dad an unforgettable experience with a vacation.

    ...e trips for your dad. Watch out though, mom might build some high expectations for next Mother’s Day!   Get more travel tips and news >   .boiler { border: 1px solid #072B68; background-color: #EAF5FF; font-size:14px; padding: 8px; text...

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    Why Now is the Time to Book Your Summer Flights

    Summer prices for flights are increasing quickly, so find out the best times to book it.

    ...rip. Sometimes, the most expensive part can be getting to your destination. That’s why we’ve put together some tips on the best times to book your flights for those summer getaways. Best Dates to Fly We all know that June and ...

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    The Cheapest Months to Travel to The Most Breathtaking European Destinations

    Here are best times to find good deals on traveling to these popular European destinations.

    ... to start booking that family or solo trip. If you’re looking on taking that trip to Europe this summer, we have got some tips on the best months to travel to each city. But make sure you start booking those plans soon! Booking your flight ticket...

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    7 Incredible Houses to Rent in Greece for Cheap

    You won’t believe how cheap it is to rent any of these gorgeous houses in Greece!

    ...ots of space, this is a great way to plan a big family vacation or get your closest friends together.   Get more travel tips and news >   .boiler { border: 1px solid #072B68; background-color: #EAF5FF; font-size:14px; padding: 8px; text...

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    5 Spring Break Ideas That Beat Going to the Beach

    Your friends will be jealous when they see you on these Spring Break trips!

    ...beach this year, try out one of these great trips over Spring Break. We promise, you won't regret it!   Get more travel tips and news >     .boiler { border: 1px solid #072B68; background-color: #EAF5FF; font-size:14px; padding: 8px;...

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    Beat the Crowds to These Popular Travel Destinations

    Find the perfect destination for your 2018 adventures.

    ...he amazing countries you should travel to this year. Let us know what your travel plans for 2018 are!   Get more travel tips and news >   .boiler { border: 1px solid #072B68; background-color: #EAF5FF; font-size:14px; padding: 8px; text...

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    Top 5 Things to Do in These Popular Cities in February

    Finding the best local things to do in these cities just got easier.

    ...hange near Tukwila, Washington >>   CXI Introduces Online Currency Reservation to Five Locations >> Get more travel tips and news >>   .boiler { border: 1px solid #072B68; background-color: #EAF5FF; font-size:14px; padding: 8px; tex...

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    6 Ways to Pass the Time in an Airport Without Spending a Single Dollar

    You can do all of these things for free while waiting for that next flight.

    ...hese locations have mats available for anyone to use. The Chicago airports even have videos playing that offer yoga instruction tips.        Looking for EUROS or other currencies for your upcoming trip? Reserve it at...

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    Bank of England: The British £10 Banknote is Being Withdrawn from Circulation

    Here's what to do with your £10 banknotes before and after March 1, 2018.

      After the release of the new £10 note featuring Jane Austen in September, the time is coming soon to retire the old £10 notes. Bank of England has recently announced the last day to use your old £10 banknotes is March 1, 201...

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    One Star House Party: 20 Countries in 20 Months for 1 Pop-Up Restaurant

    You have 20 opportunities to catch this pop-up restaurant you don't want to miss!

    ...otland will last 8 nights, beginning December 14. Reservations are open now, don't miss out!   Get more travel tips >>     .boiler { border: 1px solid #072B68; background-color: #EAF5FF; font-size:14px; paddi...

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    Disney Introduces Mickey’s Very Merry Ultimate Christmas Party Package

    This ultimate package includes a 4-park pass, hotel accommodations, and some exclusive benefits.

    ...ed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }   Get more travel tips >>       .boiler { border: 1px solid #072B68; background-color: #EAF5FF; font-size:14px; padding: 8px; ...

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    Top 10 Best Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

    Whether you’re looking for the newest travel gadgets, or the best accessories to stay comfortable on a long trip, this list has it all.

    ...ts for this holiday season. Which one sounds most like you? Let us know if we left anything out.   Get more travel tips >> #PayItForward this holiday season with CXI >>     .boiler { border: 1px solid #072...

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    6 Unknown Tips for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

    These tips will ensure that you don't miss out on any of the festivities during this event.

    ...worry about you or your children getting scared in this fun Halloween environment. While you're here, let's go over six unknown tips to make sure you're ready for this event.  1. Don't wait in long lines for Walt Disney World theme park tickets ...

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    How to Travel Outside Your Comfort Zone

    How many of these travel experiences have you had?

    ...reate it at home. Don't let the end of your trip be the end of your exploration of a different culture. Get more travel tips >>   .boiler { border: 1px solid #072B68; background-color: #EAF5FF; font-size:14px; padding: 8px; t...

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    FICO Eataly World: Italy’s Million Dollar Food Theme Park Opens in November

    Move over Disneyland and get ready to discover FICO Eataly World.

    ... get those creative travel juices flowing, or just go all in and hop on that next flight.      Get more travel tips >>   .boiler { border: 1px solid #072B68; background-color: #EAF5FF; font-size:14px; padding: 8px; text-align: ...

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    CXI Grand Opening at Queens Center in Elmhurst New York

    Say hello to our new CXI location in Elmhurst, New York.

      Currency Exchange International is excited to announce our grand opening at Queens Center in Elmhurst, New York. This is our first new branch in a New York City borough outside of Manhattan.   This mall features among the largest shopping coll...

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    6 Most Inspiring Instagram Worthy Travel Destinations

    If you want to leave your trip with breathtaking photos, this is where you need to go!

    ...ions will have you reaching for your camera so you can cherish these moments forever.     Get more travel tips >>   .boiler { border: 1px solid #072B68; background-color: #EAF5FF; font-size:14px; padding: 8px; t...

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    Top 6 Free Travel Apps You Need to Download Before Your Next Trip

    After using these apps, you’ll never want to plan another trip without them.

    ...rts and 1 U.S. cruise port.    5. Hopper ICYMI @jacquigiff of @TravelLeisure shared some money-saving tips for booking a last-minute vacation with @GMA! https://t.co/W9RG8WC2nQ pic.twitter.com/9E8LvW4fAT — Hopper (@hopper)...

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    5 Best Travel Photos of 2017 Announced By National Geographic

    Here's an insider look at some of our favorite breathtaking destinations.

      National Geographic just recently announced the winners of their 2017 Travel Photographer of the Year contest. From observing wildlife in Costa Rica to Marble Caves in Chile, every photograph contains a breathtaking view. If these pictures do...

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    7 Stunning Islands to Visit in Europe this Summer

    What better way to spend your summer in Europe than exploring the many beautiful islands?

      Still trying to figure out where to travel to this summer? Travel and leisure just came out with their 2017 World’s Best Awards and these islands in Europe have proven to stand out among the rest. From Santorini to Sicily, all these isl...

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    5 Ways International Travelers Can Go Green

    Next time you take a trip, use these tips to help you stay green.

    ... many ways to keep the environment in mind while you travel. Planning a green trip doesn’t always seem easy at first, but these tips will definitely help.       Looking for Euros or other currencies for your upcoming trip? Reserve it at...

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    5 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

    Have you planned your Summer getaway yet?

      Are you still trying to figure out where to travel this summer? Whether you want a quiet secluded beach to take you away from all the stress and commotion of city life, or you’re looking to keep busy and dive and snorkel among tropical ...

    Tags: summer,beach,cxi travel tips,brazil,spain,ecuador,mexico,greece

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    The Best Fourth of July Celebrations Around the World

    These are some of the best places to celebrate Independence Day outside of the U.S.

      All over the U.S. July 4th is filled with fireworks, barbeques, and more. For those of you traveling abroad during Independence day, there are plenty of international celebrations so you don’t have to feel left out. From pie eating contests to ree...

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    5 Best Places in Mexico City to Travel like A Local

    Everything from the best restaurants to the currency you’ll need.

      Traveling to a new place like Mexico is most likely on everyone’s bucket list to visit at some point, but getting a chance to experience it like a local means you’re ready to take your travel skills to the next level. Recently Mexico City has ...

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    How Does Multi-Currency Cash Passport Work

    Safer than your credit card with up to six currencies in one card.

      Are you looking for a safer, more convenient way to carry foreign currency? Then meet the Multi-Currency Cash Passport, it's the best way to carry multiple currencies in one card. You can load up to six currencies on one card in advan...

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    How to Reserve Currency Online Before International Trips

    Say yes to reserve your currency online with this step-by-step guide.

      Tired of always having to run around trying to make sure you have the currency you need before that next trip? Then feeling empty handed when you had to get it exchanged last minute abroad? Don’t let this happen to you and take cont...

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    How to Spring Break the Cheap Way

    This is the golden ticket you’ve been waiting for.

      When exactly does Spring Break start? It all depends on when your school decides it should be. Can you imagine if all the Colleges and Universities decided to do Spring Break at the same time? One word: Chaos. Now after taking all things ...

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    How Much Currency Can I Get With US Dollars

    Find out how much foreign currency you can get with this currency conversion.

      While many might think one US dollar is equivalent to one foreign currency of another country, that's not exactly how currency conversion works. To give you a better understanding of how much each US dollar will give you of a foreign currency,...

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    How to Travel Cheap From the US to Europe

    No more excuses why you can’t travel to Europe this year.

    Photo: Norwegian Air   You might recall a while ago we shared some exciting news with you about the Norwegian Air CEO announcing $69 flights from US to Europe. Well we have some more good news for you, along with an update on which dest...

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    Why Our Customers Love Currency Exchange International

    And you should too!

    .contact-logo:hover{ background:url(../photos/efb9/befc/53b3/f246/c4d8/13fc/f3e2/e2c0/medium.jpg); background-size: 65px 44px; background-repeat: no-repeat; display: inline-block; } ...

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    15 Destinations Where You Will Get the Most Value for US Dollar

    No more guessing where you should travel, we have the answer for you.

    ...e (3/7/16 - 12/14/16): -3.82% Year-on-year flight savings: 39.7% Flickr/SF Brit   Get more travel tips > Subscribe now to CXI's newsletters >   .boiler { border: 1px solid #072B68; background-color:...

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    Top 10 International Islands You Must Visit

    Chase the sun with the best list of islands you must visit.

    ...rd, TripAdvisor released their top 10 international islands around the world you must visit. Discover the best travel tips with the top things to do, along with the currency exchange comparison against the U.S. dollar for each of these incredible...

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    Where to Exchange Foreign Coins after a Trip

    Tired of not knowing what to do with those foreign coins?

      Did you get back from a trip abroad and just realized you have foreign coins? Well what can you do with them is the magic question you might ask. Currency Exchange International cannot sell or buy in foreign coins at any of its branches. ...

    Tags: foreign coins,foreign currency,unicef,change for good,travel,travel tips,american airlines

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    Secret Banknote Discovered Inside Ancient Sculpture

    This banknote is over 700 years old and was just found.

      This 700 year old banknote is a unique hidden gem that was found while inspecting a 14th century Buddhist sculpture. The head of Asian art, Ray Tregaskis found it at an auction house in Australia. It was discovered on the inside of the sc...

    Tags: foreign currency,banknote,currency,australia,china,history,art,london,hong kong,trip tips,travel tips

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    How to Register Multi Currency Cash Passport

    Step by step online guide to set up your new card.

      Did you recently get a Multi-Currency Cash Passport, but you don’t know how to register your new card? In order to successfully register your new Multi-Currency Cash Passport, just follow these simple steps:   Step 1: Go to Multi-Curre...

    Tags: foreign currency,travel tips,trip tips,currency exchange,currency exchange international,travel money,money exchange,multi-currency cash passport,travelers,students,business travelers

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    Free Wi-Fi Passwords for International Airports

    This map has all the airport passwords you will ever need.

    ...on when you’re on these networks. Wi-Fi hot spots can easily be spoofed and network traffic hacked or recorded. Here’s some tips on how to keep your private information safe. Make sure you turn off your wireless when you’re not using it. Use long and s...

    Tags: travel tips,airports,international airports,wifi,internet

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from September 1 - 8.

    ...the nation's central bank and more for free.  The @boemuseum opens new #banknote gallery https://t.co/VIeOs4aub6 #traveltips #london pic.twitter.com/vUZ62e2Ynr — CurrencyExchangeInt (@CXI_America) September 7, 2016     Facebook: Res...

    Tags: weekend wanderlust,travel,travel tips,destination inspiration,london,united kingdom,great britain,things to do,museums,banknotes,history,australia,aud,australian dollars,currency news,currency exchange,foreign currency,reserve bank of australia,bank of eng...

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    Bank of England Museum Opens Banknote Gallery

    You can now see currency come to life in London.

      The Bank of England Museum opened a banknote gallery on September 7 to the public in London. This will coincide with the upcoming release of the new five pound banknote on September 13. This captivating museum will take you through the hi...

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from August 19 - 25.

    ... that will make you want to pack your bags.  10 Best airfare deals for #LaborDay weekend https://t.co/0Ao5AssyoD #traveltips pic.twitter.com/pxKvqqI1r5 — CurrencyExchangeInt (@CXI_America) August 22, 2016     Facebook: CXI Grand Ope...

    Tags: weekend wanderlust,travel,travel tips,labor day,destination inspiration,new branch location,retail,hawaii,honolulu,waikiki,currency exchange,foreign currency

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from August 12 - 18.

    ...u, while others might be bizarre.  11 things I wish I knew about #Vienna before arriving https://t.co/JfYUjcnWDN #traveltips pic.twitter.com/IUjw7Z3WAF — CurrencyExchangeInt (@CXI_America) August 17, 2016     Facebook: The 2016 Frie...

    Tags: weekend wanderlust,travel,travel tips,cities,around the world,vienna,austria,europe,united states,usa

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from August 5 - 11.

    ...st captivating places. Brazil waives visa requirements for #Rio2016 Olympics https://t.co/fuJhhR6TqO @Rio2016_en #traveltips pic.twitter.com/9t9UN492Db — CurrencyExchangeInt (@CXI_America) August 9, 2016     Facebook: This Airline J...

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    Brazil Waives Visa Requirement for 2016 Olympics

    It's now easier for travelers to visit the Rio 2016 Olympics.

      The Rio 2016 Olympics are finally here, and the excitement entices more people to travel to Brazil because what's better than actually being there to see this international event live? Well Brazil announced travelers from the United States, Ca...

    Tags: olympics,olympic games,rio 2016,tourists,travel,leisure,visas,travel tips,brazil,brasil,worldwide events,sports

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from July 29 - August 4.

    ... mobile device can be tricky. Learn how to take photos like a Pro in less than 15 minutes.  5 quick mobile #photography tips for travelers https://t.co/1PfBljjQNb via @FilterGrade #traveltips pic.twitter.com/8B7FqK0RSZ — CurrencyExchangeInt (@CXI...

    Tags: weekend wanderlust,travel,photography,mobile photography,travel tips,currency exchange international,financial institutions,corporations,foreign checks,international checks,foreign check clearing,foreign currency cash letters,foreign currency collection it...

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from July 22 - 28.

    ...ne in another country. 10 gestures that are offensive in other countries https://t.co/lcMEELbWhb via @alottravel #traveltips pic.twitter.com/H60sfzlkEr — CurrencyExchangeInt (@CXI_America) July 27, 2016     Facebook: This Is What an...

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from July 15 - 21.

    ...e your currency with confidence.  Why our customers love Currency Exchange International https://t.co/QLDemxU69s #traveltips #customerservice pic.twitter.com/A6lEYtg8fb — CurrencyExchangeInt (@CXI_America) July 15, 2016     Facebook...

    Tags: weekend wanderlust,travel,reviews,travel tips,currency exchange,cxi,currency exchange international,currency exchange locations,currency exchange near me,foreign currency exchange,branch locations,customer reviews,travel money,money exchange,multi-currency...

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from July 1 - 7.

    ... you’re in for. An intro to visiting the epic country of #Canada on your own terms https://t.co/K4NJCsbkIf #traveltips pic.twitter.com/v7WwLNrXeD — CurrencyExchangeInt (@CXI_America) July 1, 2016     Facebook: ...

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    Travel and Leisure Releases World’s Best Awards

    The greatest islands, cities, hotels, cruise lines, airports, and more.

      Still undecided on where your next summer vacation should be? Well look no further because Travel and Leisure just released the votes from their reader’s top choices around the world.  Everything you can think of from the best islands, cities,...

    Tags: best islands,best cities,best hotels,best cruise lines,best airports,best airlines,travel tips,travel,vacation,leisure,destination inspiration,travel ideas,travel and leisure

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from May 13 - 19.

        Twitter: To improve airport wait times, port authority may replace TSA As all travelers know wait times at airports are continuing to rise and so are frustrations. In an attempt to solve this issue, some airports are looking ou...

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    France Trains Get New Versailles Look

    A stunning renaissance theme is taking over the interior of trains in France.

    Photo: Maxime Huriez   The SNCF, France’s national railway company has officially decided to upgrade their trains. Given the success of four years with travelers by five trains with decorations of Versailles, they decided to republish a new...

    Tags: france,europe,paris,design,trains,transportation,sncf,architecture,travel tips,travel

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from April 29 - May 5.

        Twitter: The World’s Tallest and Longest Slide is Coming to London It’s a bird, it’s a plane, nope it’s ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower! This is going to be the world’s tallest and longest slide located ...

    Tags: weekend wanderlust,travel,travel tips,airbnb,vacation,budget,leisure,technology,accommodations,london,things to do,destination inspiration

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    Airbnb Wants Travelers to Feel Like a Local

    A new way to experience a city through Airbnb’s latest feature on their app.

    ...n Airbnb and other travel related news, join our platinum passport today so you can always be the first to know the most travel tips.    .video-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; padding-top: 30px; height: 0; over...

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from April 22 - 28.

    Photo: Santorini, Greece   Twitter: 10 of the best hostels and lodges that you have to hike to It looks like some out of the way retreats can only be reached on foot. On the bright side the reward for your long hike is a warm welcome with a ...

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    Top 10 Summer Travel Destinations

    Kayak has released their trending summer destinations list, are any of these on your list?

      Kayak has released their top 10 trending summer destinations. So listen up because these destinations are perfect for any traveler looking to join the fun.    10. Toronto, Canada Photo: Toronto, Canada  Flight searches hav...

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from March 24 - 31.

        Twitter: CXI Unveils Exclusive Promotion for COPA America 2016  The Copa America Centenario announced that all tickets went on sale March 22. This is the first time in 100 years where the games will be hosted in the United States from Ju...

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from March 4 - 10.

    Photo: Cape Point, South Africa   Twitter: Google Unveils New Way To Plan Your Vacation On The Go  Google has introduced a new search feature called Destinations, which can be used for some destination inspiration. And what better time to st...

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    Cinque Terre Will Soon Start To Limit Travelers

    Italy’s Cinque Terre will need you to provide a ticket to visit this summer.

    ...d crowds, to help travelers experience a more enjoyable Cinque Terre visit. For more updates on this information and travel tips, join our platinum passport today, so you can always travel like a pro. Also, keep in mind the US dollar (*) prices are onl...

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    Weekly Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from January 28 – February 4.

    Photo: aotaro / yokohama chinatown, Japan   Twitter: CXI Celebrates Chinese New Year At Citadel Outlets CXI has decided to partner with Citadel Outlets by including our own Red Envelope giveaway. Come and visit us at our Citadel Outlets loca...

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    U.S. Department Of State Says Renew Your Passport Now

    Is your U.S. passport expiring soon? Avoid frustration by renewing it sooner rather than later.

    ...tch 10 cool facts you never knew about U.S. passports and join our platinum passport to stay connected with more amazing travel tips.    .video-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; padding-top: 30px; heigh...

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    Weekly Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from January 15 - 21.

    Photo: Maurizio Costanzo / Cuenca, Ecuador     (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js#xfbml=1&ve...

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    NewLeaf Announces New Low Fare Flights For Canada

    Canadian travelers can now fly for as low as $89 one-way starting February 2016 and U.S. coming soon.

      A brand new airline called NewLeaf has launched and it’s ready to offer Canadian travelers cheap flights for as low as $89 one-way starting February 2016. Non-stop routes will begin February 12, from the following seven Canadian airports: Abbo...

    Tags: canada,travel,low fares,airports,flights,abbotsford,halifax,hamilton,kelowna,regina,saskatoon,winnipeg,travel tips,travel deals

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    Top 4 Best Cities To Celebrate New Year’s Eve

    These cities have become New Year’s Eve hottest destinations and you’re invited.

      Are you excited and ready to ring in the New Year? We all know New Year’s Eve is hands down the best time to throw a party, but where does everyone go? Here’s a list from NY Times with the top four places that should be on your list and what t...

    Tags: new years eve,new year,destinations,travel tips,travel inspiration,travel,leisure

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    TSA Could Soon Deny Your State Driver’s License To Travel

    The Department of Homeland Security may soon start accepting only licenses that meet federal standards.

      With only one day left until 2016, many adventures are waiting for you and just a flight away. But this New Year brings us some changes in the documents you can use to travel. And it looks like a driver’s license may no longer be enough for you to...

    Tags: tsa,transportation security administration,department of homeland security,dhs,travel tips,travel,leisure,business,travel documents

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    New London Tube Map Shows Walking Time Between Stations

    Transport for London has released its first official walk the Tube map.

      Transport for London has recently released a new alternative version of the Tube map and it's actually really useful. The London transport manager has created a 'Walk the Tube' map, which shows how long it takes to walk between s...

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    Google Maps New Update Goes Offline

    Now you will never feel like you're going the wrong way wherever you travel.

      Beginning today you can now download an area of the world to your phone, and the next time you find there's no connectivity whether it's a country road or an underground parking garage Google Maps will continue to work seamlessly. Whereas befo...

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    Here Are The Most Powerful Passports Around The World

    The ranking shows which passports give you the most global mobility.

      The ranking shows which passports give holders the most global mobility, based on how many countries can be visited without a visa, or by getting one upon arrival. Developed countries with advanced economies fare the best. Tied for first place...

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    Weekly Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from October 23 - 29.

      Facebook: The World’s Most Dangerous Garden You’ve Never Heard Of The Alnwick Garden is one of north England's most beautiful attractions, where acres of colorful plants invite visitors to wander through rows of fragrant roses, manicured fores...

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    The Best New Website For Low Airfare Searches

    Discover the new way to search for the lowest airfare prices.

      Say hello to the best new flight searching site Fareness.com, it was reborn last week with an ambitious aim to change the way we think about booking a vacation. Rather than arriving at the Kayaks and Expedias of the world with specific dates a...

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    Ultimate Guide: How To Tip When Traveling Around The World

    Never worry again about how much you should tip in different countries.

      While some countries expect tips, others consider tipping rude or extravagant. "From what I've noticed as a traveler, in some cultures you're treated as an honored guest, and guests just aren't expected to tip," said Wendy Perrin, TripAdvisor trav...

    Tags: travel money,travel tips,tipping,currency,currency exchange,travel,leisure,business,ultimate guide,foreign currency,travel etiquette

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    Orion Travel Eliminates Airline Baggage Fees

    Never pay for those pesky airline baggage fees again.

      As airlines have struggled over the years, many of them have turned to charging fees for "Extras" like snacks, in-flight entertainment and checked baggage. One company has figured out a way to help you avoid those pesky fees, but you'll have t...

    Tags: orion travel tech,airlines,baggage fees,travel,leisure,travel tips,news,vacation,air travel,business travel

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    How Safe Is Your Boarding Pass When Traveling

    That barcode contains a lot more information than you think.

      The next time you're thinking of throwing away a used boarding pass with a barcode on it, consider tossing the boarding pass into a document shredder instead. Tech security guru Brian Krebs suggests those two dimensional barcodes and QR codes ...

    Tags: airline,boarding pass,barcode,international air transport,travel tips,travel,leisure,safety,technology,airport

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    The Best Time To Book Your Holiday Travel

    No, it’s never too early to be thinking about Christmas. Check out the best time to buy your airline ticket.

    ...s and Priceline to getting the best fare.   Over to you What is the best way to spend a holiday? What are some tips to booking cheap international flight tickets online? How far in advance should a ticket be booked to save the most? Share ...

    Tags: travel tuesday,travel tips,travel hacks,travel,leisure,vacation,holiday,tourism,money,currency,currency exchange

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    13 Best Countries around the World Where Your US Dollar Will Go Far

    Your eyes won't believe all of these dreamy destinations.

      1. Indonesia Eat, Pray, Love is just the tip of the iceberg: There is so much more to this beautiful country, including the fact that it is majorly budget-friendly. In Indonesia every $1 U.S. dollar is around the equivalent of 13,000 rupias (...

    Tags: travel,travel tips,travel tuesday,tourism,leisure,around the world,budget,dollar,currency,currency exchange,save,money,cxi

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    How Safe Is Your Money When Traveling Abroad

    Do you stop to think about your money before traveling abroad? Here's what you must know.

      Have you ever traveled overseas, but forgot to inform your bank and credit card companies before you leave? When you go far away from home, it's always a good idea to inform your bank and your credit card companies. Why? Your bank may notice t...

    Tags: multi-currency cash passport,foreign currency,currency exchange,travel money,money exchange,currency exchange international,travelers,travel tips

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    Reserving Currency Is Easier Than Ever Before

    Did you know reserving your currency with us is free? Learn the benefits now.

      Did you know you can reserve your currency with us today? This is not a joke and yes you heard that right. There’s no need to go to your bank to reserve your currency because we only require you to come and pick up your currency once it...

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    29 Hacks To Save You Money When You Travel To Europe

    Look no more here are 29 of the best travel hacks to save money when you travel to Europe.

      After travelling to 21 of the 28 countries within the EU, plus also visiting Russia, Ukraine and Turkey, Brooke Saward says she "can finally say I think I've got it down when it comes to booking travel throughout Europe." If...

    Tags: travel,europe,travel tips,travel hacks,money,save