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    Top 21 Countries Bringing International Travelers to the U.S.

    The National Travel and Tourism Office has released the top 21 countries bringing travelers into the U.S. as well as projections through 2022.

    ...ifth among the countries who bring international travelers to the U.S., they are actually predicted to be the largest source of tourism expenditure globally by 2022. Their growth is expected to be very strong at 8.4% over the period 2017-2022. “Outsi...

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from April 8 – 14.

        Twitter: Red Bull and Atlantis Transform Water Park for Daredevils Red Bull partnered together with Aquaventure, Atlantis the Palm Dubai’s best waterpark to bring every skateboarders' dream to life. Check out this insane skate session in...

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    Japan Announces Plan to Double Tourism By 2020

    The Japan National Tourism Organization reveals how they will increase overseas travelers.

    ..., opening state guest houses in Kyoto and Akasaka to the public, remodeling national parks and enhancing the landscape of major tourism spots.   10 tips for a first-timer traveling to Japan >> https://t.co/AmmSv9nXF9 — Visit Japan (@Visit_Jap...

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    Cinque Terre Will Soon Start To Limit Travelers

    Italy’s Cinque Terre will need you to provide a ticket to visit this summer.

    ...raise awareness that they will begin offering a “Cinque Terre Express” pass starting March 26. And highlighted that tourism numbers have sharply increased due to cruise layovers. Which caused concern for officials to solve the issue and protect...

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    Discover Europe's First Underwater Museum

    Anyone up to explore a new museum under the ocean in Spain?

    Photo: PRNewsFoto/Canary Islands Tourism Board   Europe has announced its first underwater museum with several sculptures from international artist Jason deCaires Taylor. It’s currently located on the seafloor of Las Coloradas ba...

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    7 Amazing Attractions Around The World Opening In 2016

    These are the ultimate must-see attractions to add to your bucket list to visit this year.

    Photo: gunnervv   Are you still not sure about what to do this year or where to travel? We have some travel inspiration for you that will make your head spin. These attractions are all going to be huge this year, so let’s giv...

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    Canadian Dollar Cracks As International Tourism Booms

    Despite the Bank of Canada keeping interest rates unchanged tourism in Canada is gaining strength.

    Photo: morbokat   The Bank of Canada released today that it’s keeping its overnight rate at 0.5 percent. And the bank rate is correspondingly at 0.75 percent and the deposit rate is locked in at 0.25 percent. Overall the...

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    Airbnb Unveils Top 10 Wish List Destinations And Properties

    The ultimate traveler’s dream of destinations and properties around the world from Airbnb are at your fingertips.

      Imagine staying in a treehouse on your next vacation? Perhaps an igloo or a lighthouse sounds more appealing to you? Airbnb will make these and many more of your travel fantasies come true. Welcome to the new experience of...

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    2016 U.S.-China Tourism Year

    The United States and China have partnered to declared 2016 as the year for tourism.

      2016 has been declared the Year of Tourism! The United States and China are strengthening the bond between the two countries by partnering together to promote travel within our lands. What does this mean for Americans? Check out our guid...

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    Costa Rica Currency Rises Above Others In Region

    Latin American currencies are decreasing in value this year, but the Costa Rica colon is thriving.

      Costa Rica's currency, the colon, is up 1% against the dollar this year. That's no reason for a beach party, but it's a sign of an economy that's proven quite resilient. The very fact that Costa Rica's currency ha...

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    Top 10 Most Expensive Countries For Travelers

    Find out which countries are most likely to drain your holiday budget.

      The travel and tourism industry is a crucial generator of desired and very much needed revenue to support economic growth. Attracting large numbers of tourists is a key factor for economies all around the world. While price is only one of...

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    11 Fabulous Foods You Must Try On Your Trip To Turkey

    We dare you to get through this post without drooling, are you up for the challenge?

      1. Kebap Kebap, the cornerstone of modern Turkish cuisine, simply means “charcoal-grilled” and includes dishes as disparate as kestane kebap roasted chestnuts sold in paper bags by street vendors on winter days.   ...

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    11 Surreal Photos Of Australia That Will Make You Want To Visit

    Alright mate, we promise you there's nothing like the land down under.

      1. Heart Reef, Queensland.   A photo posted by Luke Tscharke (@tscharke) on Sep 15, 2015 at 3:04pm PDT   2. Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory.   ...

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    What Experts Are Saying About The $73 Billion Puerto Rico Plan

    Puerto Rico said it faces a huge funding shortfall for debt payments over the next five years.

    ...nomy over the next five years? What are the consequences of Puerto Rico defaulting on its debt? How will this affect travel and tourism on the island? Share your opinion and thoughts in the comments below.  .boiler { border: 1px solid #072B68; backgro...

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    Weekly Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from August 20 - August 26.

      Facebook: 10 Incredible Travel Destinations That Will Give You Serious Wanderlust Attention travelers! We have put together an infograph and listed the top ten landmarks that make the ultimate travel list from Lonely Planet. For your trave...

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    Here Is The Hottest Travel Trend With Literally The Future Of Selfies

    Forget selfies, they’re overrated! Introducing the latest holiday travel accessory.

      It's difficult to not feel like packing your bags and travel the world, after scrolling through the Instagram feed of El Camino Travel.   A video posted by BE A TRAVELER, NOT A TOURIST (@elcaminotravel)...

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    The Best Time To Book Your Holiday Travel

    No, it’s never too early to be thinking about Christmas. Check out the best time to buy your airline ticket.

      The good news, if imagining snow and ice right now is way too much, you've still got some time if your holiday plans are still in the air. For winter holiday travel, whether that's Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or none of the above, prices star...

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    10 Incredible Travel Destinations That Will Give You Serious Wanderlust

    These destinations will blow you away (INFOGRAPHIC) according to Lonely planet.

      Attention travelers! We have put together an infograph and listed the top ten landmarks that make the ultimate travel list according to Lonely Planet.  For your travel convenience we also listed the best times of the year to pac...

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    13 Best Countries around the World Where Your US Dollar Will Go Far

    Your eyes won't believe all of these dreamy destinations.

      1. Indonesia Eat, Pray, Love is just the tip of the iceberg: There is so much more to this beautiful country, including the fact that it is majorly budget-friendly. In Indonesia every $1 U.S. dollar is around the equivalent of 13,000 rupias (...

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    Puerto Rico Enters An Economic Death Spiral

    For the first time in history Puerto Rico is in default and has been dubbed "America's Greece."

    ...pened in Greece? What do you think should be done in order to help Puerto Rico's situation? How will this effect travel and tourism for the island? Share your opinion and thoughts in the comments below. .video-container { position: relative; ...

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    10 Best Ways To Enjoy Barcelona On A Budget

    Tired of not having enough money to have fun on your vacation? Here's how to make it happen in Barcelona.

      Barcelona street life is irresistible, but sometimes you want to rise above the crowds.   A photo posted by Chris & Danika (@nodestinations) on   Jul 26, 2015 at 2:09pm PDT ...

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    Weekly Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from July 16 - 22.

      Here is our weekly wanderlust wrap up from July 16 - July 22.   Facebook: Why Airline Seats Will Make You Question Everything After years of financial struggles, the nation's airlines are now collecting hefty profits thanks in part to ...

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    5 Reasons You Should Be Talking About Visiting Kyoto Japan

    Kyoto, Japan has been rated as the #1 travel destination for 2015. Find out why now.

      Did you know Kyoto also spells Tokyo? Which probably explains why Kyoto was once the capital of Japan for more than one thousand years. Now it is known as the city of ten thousand colorful shrines with quiet temples and sublime gardens. ...

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    Top 10 Museums Around The World

    See the world's most marvelous museums.

      Do you love going to museums? Everyone knows the best way to experience a country’s culture is by going to a museum, and most of them are free. Come on, what more can you ask for? Here are the top 10 museums around the world with a twis...

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    Why Airline Seats Will Make You Question Everything

    An insider new look at reinventing airline seats. Is this the most brilliant idea ever?

      After years of financial struggles, the nation's airlines are now collecting hefty profits thanks in part to industrywide efforts to squeeze more seats into the economy section of most planes. If you thought airlines were finished try...

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    Travel Tuesday: Istanbul, Turkey

    Go behind the scenes and explore Istanbul, Turkey as a local.

      Merhaba (hello)! This magical meeting place of East and West has more top-drawer attractions than it has domes and towers. When walking down a city street, layers of history will unfold before your eyes. There’s no denying Istanbul will...

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    The Shocking Truth About The Greek Bailout

    Greek bailout: Europe strikes deal after marathon talks.

      Greece desperately needs the European Central Bank to restart money flows to re-open up its shuttered banks. And finally Europe strikes a deal after marathon talks for the Greek bailout. The leaders hammered out the agreement at the marathon o...

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    Cruise Giant Carnival To Soon Launch Sailings To Cuba

    Carnival will be the first American cruise company to visit Cuba starting in May 2016.

      The world's largest cruise company intends to begin traveling to Cuba in May 2016. The announcement comes in the wake of the Obama administration's recent moves to restore diplomatic ties with Cuba and loosen rules for U.S. travel to ...

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    You Can Now Take Selfies Inside The White House

    Strike a pose! For the first time in 40 years, you can now take selfies on White House tours.

      Starting Wednesday, July 1, 2015 visitors on guided tours of the White House are allowed to take photos while inside. "Effective today, guests are now welcome to take photos throughout the White House tour route and keep those memori...

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    Top 25 Landmarks Around The World

    Explore the world wonders with a list of the top 25 landmarks.

      Are you ready to explore the new world wonders of 2015? We found a list with the top 25 landmarks around the world and listed the currencies used for each destination. Some landmarks are new to the list, while others are traditional must...

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    National Travel & Tourism Week May 2-10, 2015: Celebrate What Travel Means To You

    What does travel mean to you?

    ...each to proclamations from local governments, NTTW champions the power of our industry for this week and beyond. Travel and tourism professionals, from communities small and large, come together to promote the incredible contributions their markets and...

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