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How much currency you need to go on vacation to Santiago, Chile

Anne October 11th, 2021
How much currency you need to go on vacation to Santiago, Chile



OnlineFX Ordering Chilean Peso is easy with OnlineFX.





Planning your trip to Santiago, Chile? Know how much currency you need to make sure you have a great trip! Don't forget to check out our guide for your stay in Barcelona, too.



In our how much currency to bring abroad chart below, you'll see a 10-mile cab ride is on average about $12.20 USD in Santiago, Chile. Having this information on hand will give you a good idea of how much you would need to get around the city.

How much currency to bring abroad


Traditional Chilean homemade pumpkin sopaipillas with salsa

Chilean food is a combination of traditional Spanish cuisine with influence by German, Italian and French cuisines. We recommend grabbing a bite at Sarita Colonia Restaurant, dishes here showcase a hybrid of flavors and techniques from Peru, Asia, and America. Pictured above is a traditional Chilean homemade pumpkin sopaipilla. This is a great appetizer with Chilean salsa or this can be served as a dessert, dusted with powdered sugar, or in a molasses sauce. As shown in our how much currency to bring abroad chart above, it costs on average $16.82 USD for a budget dinner for two and $4.21 USD for a pint of beer. 


Currency: Chilean Peso (CLP)

Chilean Pesos

The Chilean Pesos have five different denominations: $1000, $2000, $5000, $10000, $20000. The Chilean peso is considered to be a freely determined currency since 1999 however, the Central Bank of Chile can intervene if necessary. Learn more about Chile’s currency here.

Don't forget to add CXI's Currency Price Protection with your Chilean pesos - available at our CXI City Center locations. If you have leftover Chilean pesos after your trip to Santiago, CXI will buy protected currencies back from you at our ultimate buy-back rate plus no exchange fee! Order your Chilean pesos now.  



Roundtrip tickets to Santiago, Chile for two typically range from about $826 USD to about $1,560 USD, depending on where you leave from, the airline you fly with, and when you are taking your trip, according to Expedia. April appears as the best month to fly to Santiago in order to get cheaper flight prices, according to cheapflights.com. There you can find the best days of the week and the best time of year to book flights for your trips to other countries! Don't forget before you book that flight, check out everything you need to know about the five trusted travelers programs in our video below. 

Vacation rentals

Hotel bedroom

The average nightly cost for an Airbnb in Santiago, Chile is $41 - that's a great deal that won't break the bank. This allows you to experience Chile like the locals while also sparing your pesos for other amazing attractions Chile has to offer. Take a look at some of the best-rated super host places to stay in Santiago, Chile from Airbnb.

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