Foreign drafts are frequently used as an alternative payment method for international wire payments in order to fulfill payment overseas.

Foreign drafts carry fewer fees than international wire payments. As such, international wire payments are processed and received much quicker than drafts, since drafts are delivered to the bank for the individual to pick up and send to their recipient.


Why is CXI the best provider for Foreign Draft Issuance?

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CXI is able to issue foreign currency-denominated drafts for banks and credit unions in more than 30 of the most frequently demanded currencies.

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CXI's easy-to-use CXIFX platform automates requests and enables banks and credit unions to enter the request for a foreign draft by inputting the foreign currency and foreign amount they would like.

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CXI requires only minimal information for this process, including customer creating a payment, to whom it is payable, and the amount of foreign currency.

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CXI fulfills the request and sends the foreign-denominated draft to the requesting branch for the customer to pick up.


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