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CXI recognizes that for nonprofits, timely and reliable funding of overseas projects is vital to the success of each project's undertaking. As such CXI has developed customizable, automated payment solutions with nonprofits in mind.

CXI is a dependable partner who understands a nonprofit’s cause and recognizes the urgency of each international payment (big or small).

CXI’s international payment services supports a nonprofit’s ability to fund their causes and strives to make the automated payment process as easy as possible.

A Better International Payments Solution for Nonprofits


Streamline the payment process with integration into CXI FX Now software, saving costs and time. Import from current treasury, accounting or enterprise systems, or export payment information from CXI FX Now for a simplified solution.


Beneficiary validations tools minimize entry errors and delayed payments due to inaccurate information. Complete your payment entry in a matter of seconds once a beneficiary payment template is created.


Make secure international payments in the currency and country of your choice while having full control of the amount your project partner receives and reports on project funding.


CXI's payment options provide a variety of ways to send money around the world while saving on fees. Select the service(s) that fit your business needs when paying foreign invoices for hotels, travel packages, guides, and more.

Benefits of CXI to Nonprofits

A dedicated trader and experienced support team provides nonprofit companies with a roadmap to successfully start or optimize their international payments through financial and operational efficiencies.

Multiple outgoing payment options to fund overseas projects according to your greatest need
Knowledgeable customer support team that is invested in ensuring your payments reach their destination as expected
The CXI FX Now software fulfills all services by simplifying the process with an intuitive interface, payment validation, internal control settings, and robust reporting

CXI Supports Nonprofits with the Following Services: