Improve business processes, enhance revenues, and reduce costs through proactive foreign exchange and international payment solutions

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Why do so many businesses rely on CXI for foreign exchange and international payment processing solutions?

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CXI is one of the largest third-party currency exchange providers to corporations, providing experience, resources, and relationships within the finance industry.
The CXI team is backed by its state-of-the-art online software CXI FX Now. The software is easy to use for a wide variety of implementations.
Businesses in need of a single payment to a vendor abroad to large corporations processing payment to numerous beneficiaries in different currencies can all discover the simplicity CXI FX Now brings to international payments.
CXI FX Now can even be integrated into the client's own treasury software or platform.

How is CXI Different?

Quick and Easy Payments

Initiate and manage payments when you need to, simply and efficiently

Collaborative Approach

Custom-built relationships for each business to enhance your FX process

Dedicated Trading Team

Expand your available resources with our knowledgeable traders and daily market insights

Safety and Security

Compliance and payment verification built into CXI's core systems

Unparalleled Customer Service

Highly rated by customers for our cutting-edge technologies and personalized support

100 +

companies exchange with CXI group

100 +

distinct locations

CXI’s provides a business review of each corporation’s specific situation and takes the time to build the right solutions for every relationship.

Foreign Banknote Exchange
Increase revenue and attract new customers to your business.

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International Payments
Innovate how you manage and make payments with CXI FX Now.

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Foreign Check Clearing
Checks cleared with ease in an increasingly globalized economy.

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Foreign Draft Issuance
Easily send payments with minimal issuing fees.

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