Cash Traveler's Cheques with CXI

Participating CXI branch locations are equipped to cash American Express traveler’s cheques (excluding CXI airport locations). CXI locations can purchase traveler’s cheques in six major currencies and provide you with immediate US dollars .

Traveler's Cheques Currency CXI Purchases
United States flag USD United States Dollars Yellow check mark
Australia flag AUD Australian Dollars Yellow check mark
Canada flag CAD Canadian Dollars Yellow check mark
Europe flag EUR European Union Euros Yellow check mark
Japan flag JPY Japanese Yen Yellow check mark
United Kingdom flag GBP United Kingdom Pound Sterling Yellow check mark


Why is CXI the best place to cash Traveler’s Cheques?

American express travelers cheques
CXI provides US cash on the spot for US and foreign-denominated American Express traveler's cheques (excluding CXI airport locations).
Locations worldwide
Traveler's cheques are known worldwide; however, with less popularity and use in today's world, it can be harder to find places to accept them.
Phone call customer support
American Express offers 24/7 customer support and replacement center hotline. If you need to report your traveler's cheques as lost or stolen, please go to American Express' traveler's cheque support page.