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Foreign currency-denominated drafts enable corporations to pay invoices in over 30 of the most popular currencies worldwide. This allows businesses to send payments with minimal issuing fees.

Foreign drafts are used as an alternative payment method for International Wire Transfers and Global EFTs for many corporations.

Foreign drafts is a simpler payment alternative to international wire transfers. It is also a safer alternative for businesses than sending cash or checks in the mail.


Why is CXI the best provider for Foreign Draft Issuance?

Corporations can issue foreign currency-denominated drafts in more than 30 of the most frequently demanded currencies.

CXI's CEIFX platform automates foreign draft requests.

CEIFX enables corporations to simply enter the request for a foreign draft by inputting the foreign currency and foreign amount they would like.

CEIFX allows corporations to create in-depth, flexible, and exportable reports.

CXI requires only minimal information for this process: the amount of foreign currency and the payee.

Partners have access to a dedicated trader and knowledgeable support team.

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