Foreign Currency Exchange Services

Walk Up Foreign Currency Exchange Services

Currency Exchange International, Corp owns and operates more than 35 branch locations across the United States, conveniently located to better serve the needs of international travelers. CXI specializes in foreign currency exchange (FX) and aims to provide each customer with the best possible foreign currency exchange experience. Our services include the exchange (buying and selling) of foreign currency banknotes from more than 80 currencies from around the world, issuing Multi-Currency Cash Passport pre-paid cards, exchanging U.S. and foreign traveler’s cheques, and selling popular gold bullion coins and bars produced by the U.S. and Royal Canadian Mint. Most locations are open seven days a week and offer a variety of major currencies on demand.

Our Best Rate Guarantee* ensures you receive a competitive rate for your exchange services. This guarantee means CXI will match or beat any local bank or airport for the same product and service on the same day and time of the exchange. CXI strives to be your go to currency exchange provider and one that you are able to confidently recommend to your family and friends.

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Foreign Currency Exchange Partnerships

Corporations - FX Services

CXI's solutions are built for companies of all sizes. Businesses are able to seize the opportunity to expand their range of services through mutually beneficial relationships. CXI offers corporations wholesale foreign banknote services, as well as international payments such as international wire transfers, global EFT, foreign check clearing, and foreign draft issuance. With the increased globalization of the economy travel companies, educational institutions, importers and exporters, and numerous other types of corporations can benefit from CXI's experience, technology, and customer support.

CXI's intuitive software system CEIFX facilitates all of the foreign currency services through an automated solution. As a partner with CXI, businesses utilize our dedicated traders to help identify financial and operational efficiencies through a best practices approach delivering international solutions that reduce costs, enhance revenue and streamline processes.  All of this is achievable through a customized business relationship to fit your business needs.

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Financial Institutions – FX Services

Financial institutions large and small can benefit immensely from CXI’s foreign exchange expertise and full range of services. Banks, credit unions and banker's banks partnering with CXI have the unique opportunity to expand their customer base, while offering more to their existing customers. CXI offers wholesale banknote trading at the best rates and service, as well as international wire transfers, global EFT, foreign check clearing and foreign draft issuance.

In addition to offering foreign exchange services, CXI's proprietary software (CEIFX) gives risk and compliance departments access to a system with compliance at its core. Audits, reporting requirements and OFAC checks are made easier with robust tools and reports customized for your institution's needs while meeting all regulatory requirements. Utilizing CXI's foreign currency solutions will make your financial institution a more complete financial service provider to your customers.

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