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    4 Remarkable Facts about the Jamaican Dollar

    Ready for a getaway to Jamaica? Before you dive in, get to know their currency!

    ...are tourism and mining, which mostly contribute to foreign exchange in the country. Other sectors that contribute the most dollars to their economy are agriculture, manufacturing, insurance, and financial services. The Bank of Jamaica has recently...

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    Federal Reserve Orders 7 Billion Banknotes for The New Year

    The Bureau of Engraving and Printing has received an order of 7 billion banknotes for 2019!

    ... for the banknotes by international and domestic customers.  Cost of Making US Dollars This year, the cost of making US dollars has actually gone down for most bills since 2017. The most expensive bill to make is the $100 bill at 13.2 cents. $1 and...

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    3 Mistakes Corporations Should Avoid With International Payments To China

    These are the golden rules corporations must consider as a guideline for their international payments to China.

    ...n Currency for International Payments   Most corporations tend to assume their international payments in U.S. dollars will automatically settle in the foreign bank when this is far from the truth. Usually foreign companies will end up con...

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    Australian Banknote Now Worth One Million

    It was ten shillings then and now it's valued at one million dollars.

    ...based on the old British sterling system. Now that same ten shilling one hundred year old banknote is valued at one million dollars. “The note’s owner believes the public deserve a chance to see it. As it’s the Commonwealth of Australia’s first eve...

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from September 1 - 8.

      Twitter: Bank of England Museum Opens Banknote Gallery This captivating new museum gallery will take you through the history of the bank, since 1694 to the role it stands for today as the nation's central bank and more for free.  The @...

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