American Express Traveler's Cheques

CXI branch locations are equipped to buy and sell American Express traveler’s cheques. All CXI locations are able to issue traveler's cheques in five currencies. These traveler's cheques are backed by the security and service of American Express and never expire. Known worldwide, they are accepted at thousands of locations so you have a safe alternative for your travel funds. American Express offers a 24/7 customer support and replacement center hotline. If you need to report your traveler's cheques as lost or stolen please go to American Express' traveler's cheque support page.

Along with issuing traveler's cheques, CXI branch locations are purchasers of traveler’s cheques in six major currencies.

Traveler's Cheque Currency CXI Purchases CXI Sells

United States Dollars

Australian Dollars

Canadian Dollars

European Union Euros

Japanese Yen

United Kingdom Pound Sterling